Friday, March 25, 2011

Link Round-Up


Happy Friday from the house of sick. Blah. I am so done with this yucky bug. It's been over two weeks now since it entered this house. After caring for Ben and the hubby while they were knocked down by it, then taking my teeny baby to the ER for high fever (he's okay now), *I* am now coughing every 5 minutes. That is, when I'm not blowing my nose. Just, blah.

But, enough complaining. I expect (hope!) to be well again soon enough. And in the meantime, we've got lots going on around here!

- Did you see the announcement for our first Sew-Along? Come play with us and make a Spring Runner.

- And, did you comment for a chance to win the fabulous Alphabet Glue e-zine to make some book-related projects and crafts with your kiddos?

Stick around, dear readers, we've got LOADS of fun stuff planned for the upcoming weeks!!

And now, here are some little links from around the web:

- I LOVE this child's messenger bag by Noodlehead. I kinda want to make it for myself...

- How About Orange's Jessica Jones just released a new fabric line: Outside Oslo. Home decor fabric in two colorways. I like!

Outside Oslo in Dawn colorway, via The Needle Shop

- Maya wrote about trying out the Stuffie pattern from the book Sewing School with her daughter -- so sweet! (Happy 3rd birthday to Maya*Made, by the way!)

- Melanie from A Sewing Journal writes up a nice little tutorial for a simple striped baby shower quilt. I wish I had seen this before making my first baby quilt!

- Check out these cute nursing and maternity sewing patterns by Megan Nielsen (also via A Sewing Journal -- she is a fabulous curator!)

- Oooh, I like these modern pillows by Red Pepper Quilts... Still trying to find inspiration to adorn my new couch...

And I think that's about it for me this week! Have a great weekend, I hope it's Spring-y where you are.

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