Friday, March 11, 2011

Link Love


I keep trying to work on this post and keep getting distracted by thoughts of Japan. I cannot begin to imagine the extent and reality of the devastation after this massive earthquake and tsunami. The pictures are just surreal -- though I'm sure the horror is quite the opposite for all going through it.

My words feel trivial, and posting links to pretty things seems a bit pointless and superficial right now. But, as I had already collected several links before today, I'll go ahead and post them in an effort to stay positive. Then I'll go hug my babies.

- Super cool retro screensaver clock via How About Orange

- I love these rounded corners by A Quilt Is Nice, totally doing this on my next quilt.

- Smart! A tutorial for contoured burp cloths by Cloud 9 Fabrics (she says, covered in baby spit-up)

- Can't wait to check this book out: Modern Basics by Amy Ellis. Every quilt photo I've seen on the blog tour has been gorgeous and apparently quite feasible.

- I saw this Wedding Ring Quilt by Story Quilt on Sew Mama Sew, it is stunning.

Update: if you feel as helpless as I do about the situation in Japan, here's a link with all kinds of options for donating and participating to the relief effort.

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