Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreaming of Pillows


No, this is not a post about sleeping. Though I do dream of the day I'll be able to enjoy a night full of sweet, uninterrupted dreams. Instead... We just got a new couch! Yay! It was about time we replaced that tiny (ahem, disgusting and beat up) loveseat we've had since the days of our first apartment.


But I digress. The new sofa is this lovely slate color, kind of blue-grey, and it really changes the color scheme we've had for the last few years with oranges, reds and browns. You know what this means? Time for new deco, including pillows! I'm thinking light and bright, to contrast with the dark upholstery. I'd love to include linen or natural fiber tones.

The timing for inspiration is perfect as Sew Mama Sew just finished their Pillow Month series a few days ago. I browsed through their posts and stopped on this one by Olive Handmade. I just love that fabric and the idea of making pillows with a printed linen blend on one side, and a bright solid on the other.

Photo by Olive Handmade

Browsing through online fabric shops, I've found two collections that I like: Jenaveve by Valori Wells and Ecco and Heart by Lecien Isso.

Here are some of the prints I thought had potential. They're all cotton/linen blends and home decor weight.

It's a start, but I'm not in love with any of them. I wish I could find that print used in the Olive Handmade pillow. Does anyone know what that is? Maybe it's time I go browse the various lovely local fabric shops in Seattle and see if anything strikes my fancy! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Angel-mini-button Jen, can't wait to SEE YOUR COUCH IN PERSON!  Woohoo, tickets purchased!

What about one of these Echino prints? (I'm thinking Story Blue and Green, Perch Spring, or Woodland Raspberry.)


  1. I am thinking you may want to look here. They have amazing stuff. Some of the Japanese print I think have the feel you are looking for. Good luck new to your blog love it.


  2. Thanks Malinda! I love that shop and their blog the purl bee so much. I am so glad you reminded me of their website, I went and checked it out and they indeed have some gorgeous stuff. Now, to make a choice...


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