Friday, February 4, 2011

Links: Button, button, who wants a button?


So earlier this week, I posted photos of some cool vintage buttons I bought from lil fish extras (she still had some left last time I checked!) I've been searching for some project ideas to use up some of these beauties, here's what I've found:

Button Bouquet
from Kiddley (anyone else miss this blog like CRAZY?)

Button Clock from Martha Stewart Crafts Department 

Button Vase

Vintage Button ring from Holy Craft

Button Magnets

Vintage Button Mushroom from Resurrection Fern

Vintage Button Curtains from West Coast Crafty

What do you do with YOUR vintage buttons? I'd love to know!

1 comment:

  1. Great links, Angel! I love the bouquet and the magnets especially. I think the juxtaposition of several buttons appeals to me. Have you found some special buttons in your one-pound bag with which to make some cool rings? Fun fun fun!!


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