Thursday, February 24, 2011

Link Love


I cannot believe it's almost Friday already. Where has this week gone? I've been so sleep-deprived (and so distracted by the awesome Millennium Trilogy...) that I haven't registered the passing of the days. But, we've had a little bit of snow this week and a whole lot of fun with snow balls. Boy, how nice it is not to be hugely pregnant for this round of snow flakes!

Anyway, here I am babbling again. How 'bout I share some links?

- Beautiful oil cloth placemat by Wren Handmade via The Purl Bee. I am so making something like this when Henry starts eating solids!

- I have been living vicariously through Design Mom who just moved her whole family to France! Brings back so many memories of my childhood and adolescence! The hubby and I frequently think about doing something similar some day.

Photo by The Long Thread

- I love this Monster Tooth Pillow by The Long Thread via MADE. Ben has been obsessed with losing teeth for over a year now. The first lost tooth is most likely still a good couple of years off, but I'd better be ready for that big event!

- Awesome toy bag tutorial on Zaaberry via Made by Rae

- Another fab tutorial via Made by Rae is this Play Mat / Messenger Bag by Ginger Cakes. Wow! Check out the Made by Rae post for tons of ideas for "Boys on the go!".

- I can't wait to see this new line out, Storyboek by Jan-Cyn for Birch Fabrics (via A Sewing Journal), wouldn't it make a super cute baby quilt?

- Speaking of quilts, I really like this quilt top by Bloom. What a great way to feature large scraps of cool fabrics!

And that'll do it because I now have a very cranky baby on my lap. Gotta go!!

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