Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspiration Word


Hello, Angel! What day is today? My life is such a blur lately. Everything takes 3 times as long as it used to and I am severely lacking solid sleep. But, that is the price one pays for welcoming an adorable little munchkin into the family, as you know. For the most part, it's all good and wonderful, really. I just wish I had more uninterrupted time to MAKE the stuff that I think up, envision and create in my head.

I've started thinking that perhaps I just need to reassess how and when I can make stuff. To help jump-start myself in those here-and-there minutes of free time, I decided I needed some visual encouragement. We've all seen those cool letter pressed posters all over Etsy, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" signage, the one-word resolution turned visual. After poking around blogs and online shops, I decided to make my own inspirational signage.

Jenny: "Make" Poster

I had debated whether to purchase this "Begin" poster, like Allison at Quiltish, or maybe make my own "Begin" sign. That word really grabbed me when I saw it. But, reverting to my Number 1 Crafty Resolution for the year, I decided to use "Make". It's more focused and specific, and ultimately it's what makes me happy. If I can MAKE anything in a day, it's a good day!

Jenny: "Make" Poster

I looked for the right font, using keywords like "letterpressed", "poster", "distressed", "eroded". I finally found this awesome free font inspired by Hatch Show Print on Font Space. Get this, it's called "Nashville"! I thought that was quite serendipitous.

Jenny: "Make" Poster
Jenny: "Make" Poster

I played around in a couple of softwares (MS Word, Gimp) to get the look, color and spacing that I wanted. It turned out to be a much bigger pain in the butt that I'd have thought, mostly because my printer decided to stop printing the M or allowing me previews. What the heck was that all about?? I finally got it to work after much wasted ink and paper.

Jenny: "Make" Poster
Jenny: "Make" Poster

I tried using the pre-cut white mat that came with my cheap Target frame but I didn't love the look. So instead I just framed the whole 8x10 printout (an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock that I trimmed). I may revisit the spacing of the letters tomorrow, I think they fill out the white space a bit too much. But for today, it works! It's nothing fancy, and anyone with graphic design experience (or a letter press, ha!) could hammer this out much more neatly and efficiently, but I have hope and faith this simple word will spur me to MAKE.

Jenny: "Make" Poster

I set up this framed inspirational word on the picture rail above my desk. I've been meaning to share this space with you. To the left of it, you can see :
- the first family photo we took after Ben was born,
- the two roses (now dry) that the hubby and I held during our super casual wedding ceremony,
- a piece of original artwork of Austin, TX from an Austin artist (Texas is where my family lives, and Austin holds a dear place in my heart),
- a handmade collage from a mama friend featuring an inspirational quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson,
- a ceramic robin's egg (gifted by my mother who said "I know it's useless but it's pretty and it made me think of you"),
- and finally a wooden vase hand-carved by my step-father out of a treasured, cracked branch of white elm wood (a good reminder that something beautiful doesn't have to be perfect or usable!)

Jenny: "Make" Poster

I think my "Make" sign is in good company. And my failed attempts are not ALL going into the recycling box. Ben was very curious about my fights with the printer today and it led to a discussion about the word "Make" and all the things you can "Make" (art, cookies, pretty things, collages, muffins, experiments, clothes, sculptures, etc). He grabbed one of the pages from the "reject" pile to hang in his room for inspiration.

What would be your one-word inspirational poster?

PS: if you'd like to print this for yourself, here's the Flickr page for my original image (for personal use only, please). Or you can click on the image below.

Jenny: "Make" Poster


  1. Inspiring your child to follow in your footsteps and create, sorry... make, what better talent could you wish to have? And you have many talents!

  2. I love that font! Great project, Jenny.


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