Thursday, January 6, 2011

Symbolic Street Sign


I was thinking of our little discussion about Christmas and handmade gifts and I realized that, you know what, I did make a gift this year!! Aside from food, there is one handmade gift I gave this Christmas.

Jenny: McGraw Photo

But first, a little background story...

My step-dad Matthew (Poppy for the grand-kids) lived in Seattle in his youth. It was the 70's and he was part of a commune for a year or two, coincidentally in the neighborhood where I now live. When he and my mom visited us last year, they walked through the neighborhood searching for the house where he used to live -- he remembered the closest intersection but sadly couldn't find the house. He talked about his former life in Washington with nostalgia and I could tell he was transported back to that time all those years ago.

Jenny: McGraw Photo

At Christmas time, my family draws names for each other and we do a secret Santa exchange. I picked Matthew's name. As part of his gift, I wanted to include something special and symbolic of his time in Seattle. I thought a picture of the street signs at that intersection would be pretty cool. I sent my hubby on a photography errand -- since he is the most gifted in that department out of the two of us. He came back with a lot of options which I turned to black and white.

Jenny: McGraw Photo
Jenny: McGraw Photo

We picked our favorite, printed a large version of it, then matted and framed it. Voila!

Jenny: McGraw Photo

We Skyped with my family on Christmas day and I was fortunate enough to see Matthew's face when he opened my gift. He is a man of few words but the look on his face spoke clearly. Success! And once again yippee for handmade love!

Angel-mini-buttonJenny this gift is definitely what handmade is all about. How incredibly thoughtful! You took the time to really pay attention while Matthew visited and turned that simple idea into something very meaningful. And how fun that you got to see his face! Gotta love Skype. (We are way past due for a Skype session ourselves! I think that's my fault.....)


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