Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stem Hat for Baby


Hello! I hope you're enjoying the snow in Tennessee!! We are envious here in Washington. Seattle got a dusting overnight and we're expecting more tomorrow, but the forecast predicts a ton of rain immediately afterward, so we're not getting our hopes up for snowmen, snowball fights, sledding and all that fun stuff...

Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby

I wanted to show you a quick little knitting project I completed just AFTER Henry's birth. Yes, I was able to knit with a newborn asleep on my chest in those first couple of weeks! He wiggles too much now to replicate that experience. Sigh. It's a little hat inspired by the Simple Hat in Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss. LOVE her baby patterns so much, and this cute hat especially! I used the last skein of that KnitPicks organic cotton I'd used for Silas's cardigan (ginger colorway).


The gauge was all wrong for the weight of my yarn, so I followed my own baby hat pattern and added the stem. For the stem, I kept the last 7 or 8 stitches on my double-pointed needles and kept on knitting for a dozen or so rows (until the stem looked long enough), then used a tapestry needle to thread the "tail" of the yarn through all the stitches. With hindsight, I would modify by keeping only the last 5-6 stitches on the needles and making the stem a bit longer.

Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby
Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby

Super easy and the result is pretty adorable. However, even after washing and shrinking it, it is still way too big for Henry, as you can see! I'm sure he'll grow into it before I can blink though! As an aside, I love how this cotton yarn looks after being washed and dried -- it's got a slightly rugged appearance but feels so soft.

Knitting -- and writing about -- this no-frills baby hat was a good reminder that some projects provide pretty instant gratification. I am so exhausted and short on "free" time right now that every project seems too time-consuming and too involved to even begin. Not true! I could probably knit another one of those hats in less than a week, in 5 minute increments here and there. Hmmm...

Here are a few gratuitous baby photos of Henry at 6 weeks, and a smile just for you!

Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby
Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby
Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby
Jenny: Stem Hat for Baby

Angel-mini-button Have I mentioned how strange it is to only see baby Henry from a distance? After watching Ben grow up from that size until y'all left for Seattle, it is surreal to know you have a second baby I have never met! He looks so much like Ben, and so much like himself all at once, that smile is so sweet.   I love the hat, and the yarn is wonderful for sure. The sweater you made Silas has held up beautifully. I'll add a gratuitous photo of Silas wearing it! Ignore the water spots on the sweater lapel, he'd just spilled some water.



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