Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Show and Tell: New Jewelry!


I didn't get too many material gifts for Christmas, but I did receive 2 pieces of jewelry that I wanted to share with you! I wish I were showing you my latest project, but unfortunately the baby squirming on my lap begs to differ... So instead I will show you these handmade treasures!

My mom purchased some lovely aquamarine earrings for me at an artist showcase we browsed in my neighborhood when I was trying to go into labor. We walked twice around the whole space and twice I stopped in front of this jeweler's booth and fixated on those earrings. I just love how the silver wire wraps around the top of the stones. Plus, this color has become a favorite lately.

Jenny: Christmas Gifts
Jenny: Christmas Gifts

From my husband, I received a lovely necklace. Smarty pants that he is, he got the clue from my Etsy Favorites page or from the list of gift ideas I sent my family for our secret santa exchange. Either way, I was psyched. There is one large leaf charm representing the mother, and two smaller leaf charms representing children. Perfect, symbolic timing. I love it and wear it constantly. The designer is Elizabeth Scott and she makes "botanical jewelry". Go check out her Etsy shop, it's full of great stuff!

Jenny: Christmas Gifts

Short of receiving gifts handmade by my loved ones, I was thrilled to receive items handmade period. It was a wonderful Christmas! Did you receive any fun, crafty and/or handmade presents?

Angel-mini-button Jenny I love both of them!  The earrings are beautiful and the necklace reminds me of a favorite jewelry maker's work (Honeybee:  Amy Moore Designs), I have a pendant that is also heart shaped with the markings of a leaf on it.  This post is reminding me that the chain broke and I never replaced it, and I need to excavate it from the jewelry box right away!  

I am sad to report that I didn't get any handmade things for Christmas this year!  My sister Carol did make me a perpetual vanilla bottle, does that count?

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  1. Great gifts, I think those are the best, simple but special. And absolutely love that necklace!! Will check that etsy shop right now!!


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