Monday, January 3, 2011

Love letter: ShisoMama!


I started doing a mental inventory of the Christmas gifts I purchased this year, and I was quite surprised when I realized I did not buy many handmade gifts! I did MAKE quite a few handmade gifts, but the final tally only came up with two purchased handmade items: a laptop case from Laplander Bags (amazing BTW) and this bib from ShisoMama's shop.

Bib from ShisoMama

I bought the bib for a few reasons: first, I had "make bibs" on my to do list before Christmas and never got to it (you know how that goes). Second, I think ShisoMama does amazing work (I have some of her hair clips and they are very, very well made) and I really wanted to buy something from her shop when she posted an update. So when I saw this spider bib I had to have it!

Closeup photo of bib by ShisoMama

When the package arrived, I could not believe the amazing attention to detail that went into making this bib. The design was first created using cut paper collage, and then it was transferred to the fabric with stitching and hand printing. The construction of the bib is flawless, the fabrics are substantial and beautiful. And, as you can see above, the tags labeling the bib are hand lettered or stamped.

Special Treat for Ian!

And to top it all off, she included a special treat: a bag for my son to decorate!

For me, this is the epitome of what makes handmade so special. Attention to detail, good craftsmanship and clever design infuse this simple item with so much creative energy! I can say without hesitation that I will put this bib in Silas's special bin up in the attic (no matter how dirty or stained it gets) once he's too big to wear a bib anymore. (And no, let's not talk about that right now or I will start to cry!)

Are you impressed? If so, I just got an email announcing that ShisoMama's shop is having a sale! 20% off everything until January 5th, with items shipping after January 10. Check it out here! 

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  1. aww, thanks for the love! and i'm so happy to hear about someone USING one of my bibs for once, and not just hanging it up on the fridge or saving it. i hope everything is enjoyed by the little ones as well!


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