Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A surprise in the mail!


Needle felted acorn necklace
I got the sweetest surprise in the mail a few days ago, and I wanted to share it with you! A few months ago, Becky asked me to needle felt some acorns to make into earrings. I made them and they were super cute, I mailed them off (quite a bit late, as usual) and then didn't think too much about it until I saw this post on her blog.  So cute!  (And what a great photo.)

Imagine my excitement when I saw a small envelope on the stoop outside mixed in with all the catalogs and junk mail!  I figured she'd made me an ornament too, and I was right.  But also in the envelope was the sweetest necklace!  This is what she said in her email:

I'm sure that Silas will have tons of fun pulling on the necklace.  Just so you know, the acorn is hung with hemp - I thought you'd like that!  I sawed the leaf out of copper and then hammer stamped the veins.  It was so much fun to make! 

I feel so lucky to know so many creative people, Becky is a real role model for me. With two boys of her own that are a bit older than my two I've gotten a lot of inspiration watching her move from staying at home full time with babies/toddlers to becoming a jewelry designer and a photographer now that both her boys are in school.

I can't resist posting another photo of another necklace she has in her shop, the "Eat, Pray, Love" inspired necklace. It is gorgeous!

Eat, Pray, Love inspired necklace

Jenny-mini-button What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail!! I love those felted acorns. Becky is such a talented jewelry designer, I am always surprised and inspired by her play with colors and textures. I'm definitely keeping my eye on her Etsy shop for Christmas gifts...


And readers, don't forget our contest this week! Go to this post to enter into our drawing for a $20 gift certificate for Magpie Patterns.  You can read the rules and get a discount code for the shop, all in the post from Monday!

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