Monday, December 13, 2010

Gifts from Nature Series at The Magnifying Glass


Just a quick post today since Ian is home from school for a snow day! You know how the city of Nashville shuts down when we get snow, I was horrified to walk into the kitchen just now to find that there is not one coffee bean in the entire house. So I've reached new depths of coffee desperation, I actually just added hot water to the already brewed coffee grounds at the bottom of the french press. Maybe I'd have been better off just drinking some tea? (I'll find out shortly, once the hot water squeezes the last bit of life out of those pitiful grounds.....)

Today I wanted to direct your attention towards the Gifts of Nature series at one of my all time favorite blogs, The Magnifying Glass. It's a series of posts about what types of things you can make from the natural materials that surround you, and I've taken advantage of several of these ideas already:

I've got a batch of Cinnamon Pine Cones hanging in a bag as I type!

I've got a pile of sticks on the porch waiting to be turned into kindling bundles!

These suet cakes are on my list for our Solstice celebration.

I have a reproducing cactus (it forms tiny little plants with roots hanging down on its tips, they drop into the soil around the "mama" cactus and start growing right away!) with lots of babies I'd planned to give to friends this year, similar to what is in this post about giving living plants to friends.

And I have just the right box to make one of these Nature Shadowboxes, although I might have to keep it for us instead of gifting it!

Have you seen any good decorating or gift ideas that use natural materials?  I'd love to hear about them!  (And that goes for you too, readers!)

Jenny-mini-button Oh, the horror of a coffee bean shortage when you're stuck at home on a snow day!! How was that recycled coffee?? I hope you all are enjoying the snow day (at least you're not past your due date and desperate for the roads to clear, ha!).

Thanks for writing about The Magnifying Glass, I did not know of this blog and it is wonderful! I really like all the ideas to which you linked. I think we're going to make those suet cakes for Solstice as well! I also love those little pinecone elves, how fun are they?! Aside from my blog browsing last Friday, I haven't really done much internet surfing lately and haven't seen any ideas for gifts made from nature. I hope our readers will comment if they have good stuff to share!

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