Monday, November 15, 2010

Holidays: Using What We Have


Hey there Jen! Hope you are doing great and enjoying these last few weeks of being a family of three! Every morning I wake up wondering if today's the day I'll finally get to see that sweet baby's face! How is the diaper bag coming?

I am at my desk this morning making lists and trying to organize myself for the holidays. I really want to focus on using the supplies I already have on hand this year, so I thought it would be smart to write it all down so that I have a good reference when I start my brainstorming.

So far, I've come up with:

Tea (I buy it in bulk, as you know, and have lots of awesome choices in the kitchen)
Cardboard (all shapes, sizes and thicknesses)
Mason and other glass jars (all sizes, from baby food to half gallon)
Oatmeal Tins (the McCanns kind)
Beeswax (unprocessed from our hives and colored from Stockmar)
Clay (the kind you bake)
Felted Sweaters
Old Towels and sheets and pillowcases
Pine Cones
Wood in all shapes and sizes and type
Wool Roving
Quilting hoops in several sizes

(I'm sure I'll keep adding to that list)

My job now is to find cool projects I can make with what I've already got!

What kind of stuff do you have on hand? What are your holiday gift plans with a newborn on the way? (And as always, readers please share ideas and links in the comments!)

Jenny-mini-button That's a pretty awesome list of supplies! I am sure you're going to come up with all kinds of cool projects, can't wait to see!!

As far as my supplies go... I have tons of fabrics in the stash, still. Lots of yarns in different colors, fibers and weight; all sorts of paints, glues, papers and cardstocks; and mason jars. The rest escapes me, but I know there is more. Baby is due ONE WEEK from today, and my holiday craft plans are... non-existent! As soon as this baby arrives, I am expecting not to have any time to get anything done, so I'm giving myself a pass on handmade gifts this year (I am very sad about it, but I'm trying to be realistic).

Instead of making headway on Christmas gifts in the last couple of months, I've been frantically making stuff for this baby: the diaper bag is done as of yesterday and I'll post about it asap, I'm knitting, and sewing some more and will share all that stuff soon.

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  1. You could do several coordinating applique projects, frame them in embroidery (or quilting) hoops and hang them on the wall. Like the inspiration hoops one of you did. Or you could make those adorable ties from over in nomansland!


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