Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frantic Knitting


Here's another project I've been working on while awaiting baby's arrival. Since I'm almost 40 weeks pregnant, everything is done at a bit of a frantic pace lately and centering around this pending event... It's a bit stressful and exciting all at the same time! I've been wanting to finish this knit blanket (yes, another blanket with which to cozy up this winter!) before he arrives and I'm cutting it very close.

Jenny: Frantic Knitting

I am making the Garter Stitch Blanket from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss again. I really loved that project and it is a wonderful mindless TV-watching knitting project. Perfect for end of pregnancy! I've been taking it with me everywhere lately and hope to have the knitting part done within the next day or two. Fingers crossed!

Jenny: Frantic Knitting

I'm using an organic cotton yarn: Marshmallow by Knit Picks, in worsted weight. It takes exactly 3 skeins to make this blanket. It's the same yarn I had used for Silas' grandpa sweater, I had used Ginger for that. It's so lovely to knit with and I'm so happy about using organic fibers for something with which we will snuggle our baby boy.

Jenny: Frantic Knitting

So, I'm close to done but I'm stuck on the binding. I'd like to use an interesting fabric again, instead of the satin ribbon used in the pattern. But what fabric to use??! I thought about maybe ordering some organic fabric from the Happy Nursery line (I like the Leaves in Sky print), but I can't find it anywhere local and time is an issue with shipping.

Here are a few prints that I thought could be potential. But eh, I don't know. I only have enough of the Riley Blake vines and I feel like that is too girly. The other two prints feel too modern or grown-up.

Jenny: Frantic Knitting

I am envisioning something a bit more "earthy" and whimsical, involving some of that cream color to tie it all together. I am heading to the fabric store tomorrow and hope to find something suitable so I can finish this project. Wish me luck!

What type of fabric do you think would work for the binding? Do you have specific prints in mind? (Readers, please chime in too!)

Angel-mini-button Jenny, I don't think the vine fabric is too girly at all! I wish I had time to send you a few fabrics that might work from my stash, but it would take too long to get there. Let us know what you end up with! (And, KnitPicks is so awesome, their prices are incredible!)


  1. I think the vines are PERFECT! I don't think there girly at all. You should do that, it would be soooooo cute!

  2. Do you even need to put a cloth border on it? I've never made a knit blanket before, but I crochet baby blankets and just put a single crochet border around the edge. But I also think that the vine fabric is very cute and not too girly.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments and input! For some reason, I am set on adding a border, though I agree the blanket could be left alone without one. I just loved the way it turned out when I added a fabric border last time.

    During my visit to the local fabric store, I found a nice brown and cream print that I am loving for this project, so I think I'll make the border with that. I'll be sure to report as soon as it's done!! Only about 2-3 inches left to knit...


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