Monday, November 1, 2010

Advent Calendar Links:


I know, I know:  It's only November 1st.  I'm actually writing this Halloween day, because my evening is going to be quite full of trick or treating and eating and walking around and seeing friends.  Some writers have strict rules about writing about Christmas so early, and I DO understand, I truly do.  But when it comes to Advent calendars, especially those of the handmade variety, November 1st seems like a completely rational time to start making plans.  Every year I find myself waiting too late to make an advent calendar for the family, and this year I've vowed to give myself a full month to do it. 

I was cleaning out my Bloglines folders (closing down today!) and found some advent calendar links I've bookmarked through the years, and I thought I'd share them here!

Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar from PurlBee
Solstice Calendar from GreenKitchen
Advent Stocking garland from Soulemama
Quilted House Advent Calendar from Pink Chalk Studio
Quilted Advent Calendar from Sew Mama Sew

Do you have an Advent Calendar Jenny?  We do celebrate Advent, loosely following Waldorf tradition, using candles and having a little ritual at night before dinner.  Calendars traditionally are just for counting down until Christmas Day, the day we spend with family (our main spiritual focus is on Winter solstice, celebrated a few days before Christmas Day).  I have a Playmobil forest advent calendar for Ian this year, but want something that Silas can play with too!  Stay tuned for some drawings and planning next week!  I've already been digging in my button jar and my felted sweater bin......

Jenny-mini-button I love all the links you posted! So beautiful! And, I don't think it's too early. Don't some people start the holiday crafting in July? We do not have an advent calendar and Ben is getting old enough to actually get the concept and enjoy it this year. The last few years, I've let making an advent calendar fall way down at the bottom of my Christmas To-Do list, but you've inspired me to actually make one this year!! I wonder if the Button Calendar from I Love Patchwork would lend itself to this type of project, hmmm. Can't wait to see your plans!

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  1. OOOOH!!! I didn't even think about that project. Hmmmmmmm. I am toying with burlap and linen now, and thinking about tying in the advent calendar to the felted play mat I am making them for their Solstice gift. My thought is to have each pocket hold a small prop that goes with the mat, like a felted animal or small tree or something like that. They can play with them as is until they get the mat......


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