Friday, October 29, 2010

Link Love: Last Minute Halloween


Boo! Halloween is only two days away! Check out these cool crafts and links:

- Little Monsters Tutorial by Alisa Burke

- Awesome wall of bats by Dana at Made

- Super cute superhero capes by Lindsay at Hawthorne Threads, from a tutorial by The Long Thread

- Fun bat dolls by Heather Bailey, and she offers free patterns for making them

- Adorable skeleton costume (is there such a thing as an adorable skeleton??) by Jill at Homemade by Jill

- Pumpkin lace vase by Maya*Made, very goth!

- Tentacle pot pie by Megan at Not Martha, creepy!

We've been doing Halloween arts and crafts with friends and getting ready for the big day on Sunday. Ben has two great homemade costumes, courtesy of his Yaya (firefighter and leopard), but he is stubbornly asserting that he will be a ghost on Halloween... So it seems like I might have to dig up some old white sheets and go to town with the scissors... Any ghost costume tutorials you can send my way?

Happy Halloween!!

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