Friday, October 1, 2010

Link Love: Big Brother activity ideas (and a shout out to Kids Craft Weekly)


Hey there!  Here are the links you asked for.  I located the notebook I made for Ian when I was pregnant with Silas.  I wanted to prepare some activities ahead of time that would be easy to grab whenever I had a few spare minutes to do a focused activity with him.

I used a large three ring binder and those clear plastic page protectors to separate projects, but you could also use manila folders, one for each craft.  When I put the supplies into each folder, I assumed that things like glue, crayons, watercolors and brushes, tape, scissors and other basic supplies would always be available (because obviously nobody has 12 pairs of scissors to put individually into these pockets, for instance).  We use this art caddy for most of Ian's stuff, and I also have these IKEA containers for small things I don't want Silas to get into like pompoms, chenille stems, popsicle sticks, etc. 

Almost all the crafts I included in the notebook came from Kids Craft Weekly. That site is an amazing resource (as you know) and we have used projects from there MANY times.  In some cases I printed out brief instructions and/or one or two photos from each project to spur my memory and to give Ian a visual, (only for personal use, of course) because I knew if I had to walk to the computer and find the project I'd waste most of the time we had to make things.

I also have a copy of the Kids Craft Weekly book Everyday Craft, you can buy a printed copy or a PDF here!  The site has a pretty active Facebook page, too.  Oh, and also a great list of printables (both free projects and book PDFs you can purchase) and some wonderful articles about kids and art.  (I think I might have to do a post just about Kids Craft Weekly after this!)

Here's a list of what I gathered (the link will take you to the newsletter the project is in, you may have to scroll down but you will enjoy every minute of it!):

Make A Night Skyscape

(I included star stickers, glitter glue, iridescent colored pencils and black construction paper)

Spangly Sun Bugs

(Cellophane, contact paper and stickers for the dots)

Glittery Fish

(You could either cut out the fish shapes ahead of time or trace the shapes onto the cardboard ahead of time and let Ben cut them out himself, whichever you think would work best, I added sequins and googly eyes to the envelope as well)

Concertina Fold Butterflies

(Watercolor paper and chenille stems)

Simple Robot pictures

(Pieces of felt (precut into different sized squares or not, depending on what you think Ben would like) plus buttons, paper clips and any other doodads I could find that would work as eyes/mouth/hair/clothes/etc.)

Space Shuttle Picture

(Printout of space shuttle--free download from site, black cardboard, cellophane in yellow and red, star stickers to decorate space shuttle, glitter glue)

Some other ideas:  embroidery hoop with wool thread and large needle, note pad and new package of colored pencils/crayons/special markers,  threading beads and string, natural objects in a bag to use as a "still life" drawing or painting project..........

I reserved a LOT of books from the library at that time too, so I could just run in and pick them up off the shelf without too much bother.  New stories are always a great distractor!

Do any of you out there have tips and tricks Jenny can do now to prepare for the imminent arrival of baby #2?  Leave them in the comments if you feel inspired!

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  1. Thanks for these links! You rock!! I need to get working on this binder. Ben is going to LOVE it.


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