Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Show and Tell: Fabric from PurlSoho


So, you may have noticed my pleas on Twitter and Facebook, asking TrueUp to stop posting such cute fabric and I think I fussed at you at least twice to stop posting about sales! I tried my best, I really did. But then a box arrived from PurlSoho, and this was inside:

Oh right, I had a weak moment last week!  I think it was around 10 PM, the time I am most likely to a) eat junk food and b) spend money online.  I THINK my rationale was that I needed fabric to make some snack bags to show the local "green" shop in hopes they'd want to sell some on commission.  

Spotlight:  Fabric from PurlSoho

After opening up the lovely package, I pulled out this canvas first (The brand is Cosmo, the line is Zoo Canvas in Pink Parade, Brown Parade and Tan Mushrooms). I am envisioning some sandwich wraps and a few lunch bags coming from these three.

Next up we've got three quilting cottons in "boy" colors, I love the dots! The first two are from P and B Textiles "Aldo to Zippy", in Green Bees and Blue Dots, and the last is Riley Blake "Wheels" in Green Traffic.

Last we have some pink (couldn't resist the stripes) and a few neutrals.  From the left it's Freespirit "Pretty Please" in Pink Pinwheel Stripe, Alexander Henry "Teeny Tiny Zoo" in  Sage and Chocolate and "Aldo to Zippy" in Brown Bees".

Jenny have you looked at Purl for fabric yet?  Here's their Children's section if you want to see what they have, almost all the fabrics above were on sale when I bought them!  You can also buy as little as 1/4 yard (which is what I did on all but the canvas), this appeals to someone like me that has a hard time making up her mind.  I've said it many times before but Purl really has an amazing selection of items, the folks working there have a good eye for both quality and uniqueness that appeals to me.  I buy more from them than any other online vendor!

Jenny-mini-button What cute fabrics!! I love the variety of stuff you got, they will make adorable sandwich bags. When are you going to post about those, by the way? I'm itching to see them!! (Nudge, nudge) I love Purl Soho as well. I included links to their kids' collections in my boys-boys-boys Link Love post a few weeks ago, including the Aldo to Zippy and the Riley Blake collections. Hmm, I wonder if I subconsciously inspired your fabric choices, he he! I've never bought anything from them though, I can never make up my mind. It's so much harder for me to shop for materials like fabric online. But, when I see the loveliness you received in that package, it is mighty tempting!... Can't wait to see what you make with them!!


  1. I love the tiny zoos and the bees. Adorable.

  2. i love purl as well. i went to their store when i was in nyc, and i was surprised at how tiny it was. they really pack a lot in there. but of course, now they're in a much bigger store, which i'll definitely visit if/when i have a chance to go back to nyc!


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