Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Potholders


Hello! So busy around here these days... But I did manage to make a few little birthday gifts recently. My father-in-law's birthday was last week. He's a passionate cook and I thought a pair of potholders would be the perfect usable gift for him. I followed my own little tutorial but experimented with a little patchwork and different quilting lines.


I wanted his potholders to be somewhat masculine and thought that Willow in River print (Timber collection by Jessica Levitt) would be perfect. I often jump on man-friendly fat quarters when I find them, and have had this one for a while. I could not for the life of me find a coordinating print for the other side in my stash, so I decided to combine two solids: orange and beige.


While I was making a set of potholders, I decided to make a set for our household too, since the pair I had made last year -- while absolutely still usable and holding up fine -- are no longer looking their best. I decided to "splurge" and use that lovely Kei Honeycomb fat quarter you gave me. I love it so much and love the idea of seeing it in my kitchen every day! For the other side, I used scraps left over from making my red table runner.


I sewed my patchwork pieces together and topstitched over the seams. I could kick myself for not being more careful about the fabric's pattern when cutting that middle red print, ugh. It looks unforgivably lopsided to me now. Oh well, it will be covered in stains and burns in no time, right?...


I finished the assembly and quilting easy-peasy, and ended up with two lovely pairs of potholders. This is such a quick project! These two pairs were made from start to finish in well under a nap-time span (these days, that is anything between 1.5 to 3 hours...).

My father-in-law seemed happy with them. He has supposedly put them to use already and called them "quite substantial". Coming from a dude, I'll take that as a compliment!



  1. Jenny that Honeycomb fabric made a beautiful pot holder! I love it.

  2. What do you put in the middle of potholders? Anything special?

  3. Jen you can use old towels for the middle! Not sure what Jenny used......

  4. Thanks Angel for the compliment! Glad you like what I made with it. :)

    Jen, I used 2 layers of batting -- I think I went into it in more detail in my tutorial post. I have some insulated batting left over from previous projects, so I used that. But you can use regular batting, or like Angel said, repurposed towels, or anything thick enough that will protect your hands from heat. Just make sure it's not TOO thick that your machine can't top-stitch once it's flipped inside out.

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