Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Machine: Fixed!


Sewing Machine:  Fixed!

Sewing Machine: Fixed!

Working on one of these in the photos, (taken from my computer)! Yes, I sew in front of the computer. Partly because it's the only place to put my sewing machine, partly because it is super convenient if I am working on a pattern or tutorial that is not printed out. I'm thinking the next step would be putting a pair of headphones in and either watching TV shows (Project Runway? Lost?) or listening to Pandora or music on iTunes.

Do you usually sew in solitude? If not, what's your soundtrack?

Jenny-mini-button I am as giddy over your getting back your sewing machine as if it were my own! Yippee! If you have the space on your desk, sewing in front of your computer is actually a good idea. You probably save on paper too. I always sew on the dining room table, and always with music on Pandora! I don't think I could watch a show at the same time -- too distracting for me, I would make mistake after mistake. Can't wait to see what projects you complete next! And your hair looks fab, by the way.


  1. Angel, look at your hair! It is so fab!

    I sew in a corner opposite of my desktop & I play music or a tv show, but I usually listen to the show; I can't really watch with my eyes.

  2. yes to the hair, and i love the bathmat.

    as you know i have a sewing room, but i canNOT sew--or read, or cook, or even think--with music on. it drives me insane, it splits my attention. really, i prefer no background noise at all, even when just doing ordinary things like cleaning house. i could easily live in a cloister.

  3. I'm with Emily Elizabeth. I often play a tv show, but I don't really watch it. Drives my husband crazy. He just can't imagine not having his full attention devoted to TV or a movie.

  4. Hey looks like we have the same friend (Emerald 116?)

    I sew anywhere everywhere. But, most of the times I have the television on on MTV or so, as I sew in the living room until my corner in the attic is ready.


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