Monday, August 30, 2010

Scrappy Squares Quilt Top


It started with this:

Jenny: First Log Cabin Squares

followed by this:

Jenny: Scrappy Squares

then became this:

Jenny: More Scrappy Squares

and finally this:

Jenny: Scrappy Squares Quilt Progress

This weekend, I attached the borders on my quilt top and it is done! Ironed and ready to be assembled, once I can find the backing that I want. Thanks to my husband for holding it for the pics!

Jenny: Scrappy Squares Quilt Top
Jenny: Scrappy Squares Quilt Top

For the backing fabric, I am thinking of flannel. I love the idea of backing blankets and quilts with flannel, it makes them so soft and snuggly. Since this Scrappy Squares Quilt will serve as a lap quilt in our living room, for watching movies and cuddling, I want it to be extra soft. I am going to hit the thrift store this week, to see if I can find some interesting flannel sheets. I have also found this solid set on sale. We'll see...


  1. great quilt! i love seeing the progression!

  2. Oh, thank you both! I am excited to complete it and USE it!

  3. What a great log cabin quilt! I love how modern it is. When I think of log cabin quilts, browns, maroons and forest greens come to mind. This is so bright! Great job.

  4. Thank you very much, Marie! You are so kind!


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