Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Kimono from Habitual:


Angel:  Baby Kimono from Habitual

One of the first projects I finished when I got my sewing machine back was this sweet baby kimono from Habitual.  It had been hanging out in my WIP basket for over a year!  I started it when I was still pregnant, so you can do the math. 

Angel:  Baby Kimono from Habitual

I went back to read your post about making kimonos from Weekend Sewing, and the Habitual pattern seems to be much simpler to sew. I do wonder how they would compare in fit, since that is the true test of a pattern.  When I make a gift for someone I want it to be beautiful AND practical (and that means it should fit and be comfortable!)  This one is the 6 to 12 month size, so in all honesty it's too small for Silas at 13 months.  But I think it would have fit him 6 to 9 months pretty well, maybe up to 10 months.

Angel:  Baby Kimono from Habitual

I still think it looks pretty cute!  If this was the next size up I could see using it for pajamas.  I'd love to use snaps on the inside and outside instead of tying, I feel like all that tied bias tape is too bulky.  

Angel:  Baby Kimono from Habitual

Have you picked a pattern for Ben's pajamas? I'm on a fabric buying fast, at least for the next month or two. The only exception is if I find fabric at the thrift store! I may have something in my stash that would work, although some nice flannel would be cozy with Autumn around the corner!  (WHY did I just go to Modern Organic Fabrics and click on THIS?  No buying!)  I'm thinking I will try the Weekend Sewing Pattern next, and see which one seems to fit the best.  I'll report back! 

You can get the pattern from Habitual here:  Baby Kimono Pattern , she does ask you to email her for a copy of the pattern which is a change since I downloaded it several years ago.

There's also a Flickr group for the Habitual Baby Kimonos, some really cute stuff in there!

OK, I'm off to look up what "stitch in the ditch" means, I just can't keep up this charade!  I've read it in two of your posts and am so clueless about sewing terms that I have to look up the definition.  I have a feeling I should know what this is!

Jenny-mini-button Yay for getting all these projects completed!! That kimono is so cute. And so is the kiddo, I can't believe how big he's getting! I think the fit is probably better on this one than on the Heather Ross kimono. I got pics from two of the moms to whom I sent kimonos as gifts, and the babies -- while absolutely adorable -- didn't seem like they were all that comfortable. Maybe I'm being overly critical and self-conscious.

In any case, if this Habitual pattern is easy, I might try it next time I make a baby kimono. I'd love to try one of those in a knit fabric, wouldn't that be so comfy? I have yet to jump in and try sewing with stretchy fabrics... I don't have a specific pattern for Ben's PJs, I was just going to make some basic pants in cute fabrics and buy some matching snug t-shirts -- easy! With 2 boys in the house soon, I'm scheming about matching PJ's in newborn and 3T size...

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