Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show and Tell: Vintage Buttons


Hello there! I had a fun time looking through my glass jar of buttons to choose the ones for the giveaway, I thought I'd give you a closer look at what I picked out. I'll say up front I don't know shinola about vintage buttons (except I love them!) and since I consolidated my buttons into one large container, I'm not even that sure where they all came from!

Spotlight:  Vintage Buttons

Spotlight:  Vintage Buttons

Spotlight:  Vintage Buttons

Spotlight:  Vintage Buttons

I'll bet I know which ones you like best! I'm partial to the light blue sparkly ones in the first picture, and Ian is sad to see the large blue one with the deer on it go. 

I did some poking around on Flickr, and found a long list of groups dedicated to vintage buttons. I think my favorite group name has to be "Button Floozies".  Don't do your own search for vintage buttons on there unless you want to disappear for several hours!  Old buttons seem to have an energy all their own, even when compared to other vintage sewing supplies. 

I also found two old posts, one from Soulemama and one from Angry Chicken, both talking about their button collections. It is fun reading old posts from well loved blogs, I remember reading both of those posts when they were first written.

I have a feeling that there will be more button love around here in the coming weeks, I found a good number of ceramic buttons that are white with gray spots, and they've inspired a project I hope to post about soon.......

Do you have any favorite vintage buttons?

Jenny-mini-button I love seeing the detail pics of the buttons you're giving away. Let's see, I would say my top 3 favorites are: 1) the red button with a white outline, 2) the pinkish flower button with the star in the middle, 3) the red flower button. I also love that handful of brown leather buttons. Did you guess right?? The blue sparkly ones are super cute as well.

My stash of vintage buttons is a mix of stuff I've found at various thrift stores, including salvaged from thrift store finds, as well as a huge bunch of buttons I got from my mom-in-law's old sewing box. I really like looking through there when I work on a project that needs buttons (not that often, surprisingly!). It's almost more fun to look at them as a whole or as a collection, so ripe with stories and mysteries, rather than to pick one out, know what I mean?


  1. I love buttons but I haven't got many of my own. Most of the ones I do have are just from clothing that comes with extra buttons. How do you find your vintage buttons? I hear people saying that they get them from their mother or grandmother, but neither of mine are sewers.

    My favorite buttons are all of the buttons in the second and third photo. I just love bright colors!

  2. I went to the Brimfield Antique show today and saw tons and tons of vintage buttons and thought of y'all!


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