Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project Craft Room Organization: Getting Better!


Well, my brother's wedding and all the festivities in Texas were a big success. As you guessed, we ingested quite a bit of barbecue. Crunching down on a salad when we returned to Austin was a welcome treat, he he. We had a great time, it was so wonderful to spend some quality moments with family and to celebrate. Next up is our visit of friends and family in Nashville. Can't wait to see you and catch up!

Before I left Seattle, I took some photos of progress in my dining room/craft room organization. There have been two main improvements: 1) my mom made curtains for the old kitchen island we use as craft storage, and 2) we bought a couple of helpful pieces at the Fremont flea market.

Below are the curtains. I had posted a close-up photo of the fabric in one of my previous organization posts. The main fabric is a natural cotton, almost linen-ish. The print is from a lovely curtain panel from World Market with reds, greens and turquoise. My mom made some basic curtain panels and we used tension curtain rods that fit snugly under the island counter. The curtains hide all my craft supplies as well as Ben's and, by putting all these boxes out of sight, really clean up the space.

Jenny: Craft Space Progress
Jenny: Craft Space Progress

At the Fremont Sunday Market, we always browse the flea market and vintage booths. A few weeks ago, I had a strange dream about a vintage wooden painter's toolbox (at least, I think that's what this is called). While walking through the market a couple of days later, I found the exact same one, in "real life". I had to buy it! So far, I have paintbrushes and a few miscellaneous knick-knacks resting in it, but I'm sure we'll find some more uses for this little piece of storage.

Jenny: Craft Space Progress
Jenny: Craft Space Progress

When I found it at the market, the toolbox was sitting on top of a little magazine table, in great shape. It was perfect for setting in the corner of the dining room behind our red cabinet, and support my sewing machine. The seller gave us a great deal for both items, couldn't pass it up! Now I just need to make a fabric cover for my sewing machine and it too will be out of sight.

Jenny: Craft Space Progress

There's still a bit of detail work to do to get the room fully organized and functional, but we are almost there! I like that the curtains and flea market pieces give it some personality while organizing things up. I am excited to see your renovation with my own eyes this week!

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