Thursday, June 3, 2010

Link Love


We've been enjoying our time in Nashville so much! We spent the morning at the pool with a few friends today. So much fun, but I am pooped! Ben is still napping after 2 hours and I've taken advantage of the quiet to just SIT and catch up on my favorite blogs. I have some good links to share with you!

- I love this idea for summer jammies by Betz White, what a great way to repurpose those old dress shirts from daddy!

- This mini puppet theater by Bookhoo Craft Projects is a cute project. If Ben were a bit older, I'm sure he would be all over it. Maybe Ian might enjoy it?

- Dana over at Made sewed a boatneck shirt for herself as part of her "Sewing for Me" series. I have been obsessing over wanting to make one of those, they are so flattering and comfortable. So, I was so psyched to see her post and I'm saving it!

- Here is a super cute, printable recipe card generator at Skip to my Lou, via How About Orange. I know the lovely address file you won (woohoo!) comes with its own, awesome cards on which to write recipes, but if you need more, I thought these were really fun and convenient. (Edited: Travel and sleep deprivation played tricks with my mind. An ADDRESS file does not have cards for RECIPES. Doh! I think I confused Lovely Design's file with 1Canoe2's equally awesome recipe file. Sorry for the confusion!)

- Finally, I'll leave you with an inspiring read from Zen Habits: the Number 1 habit of creative people is solitude. Is it any wonder we're at our most creative when the kids are napping? It is so hard, when being a full-time mommy to find those moments of alone time, but reading this reminded me to just recognize those moments when I get them and make the most of them -- whether they are a stolen minute of introspection and centering with some deep breaths, or a happily frantic hour at the sewing machine.

That's it for today! Can't wait to see you and the kids tomorrow!


  1. Jenny, it always cracks me up when I read your link posts and see how many of the same blog posts we "pin" on BlogLines. The boatneck shirt is so cute, boatneck and stripes together are hard to beat in my book. I'm wondering about sewing knit however.

  2. Most basic sewing machines have a special stretch stitch to sew knit. Also, the kind of needle you use is of great importance! Beside that, it is not that difficult, you'll see! And I really loved the Zen post...

  3. Angel, that is funny. I was wondering if you had already pinned the puppet theater.

    Mom, I don't think I have a stretch stitch on my sewing machine...? I wish you had shown me when you were visiting. Maybe I'll look through my manual.


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