Saturday, May 22, 2010

Show and Tell: Bobbin Saver


When my mom was visiting us last month, she helped me get my dining / craft room in order, she cleaned up and oiled my sewing machine (and showed me how to do it!), and she made note of what I had and didn't have in terms of sewing tools and supplies. During one of our many trips to various local fabric shops, while I was drooling over designer fat quarters, she came toward me holding a peculiar rubber ring in her hand.


"Trust me, you need this!" she said. And despite my rolling my eyes at her purchasing yet another gadget for me (she does that a lot), I have to agree that this is the coolest little thing ever. It is called a Bobbin Saver and you can find it at some local fabric shops and at most Joann's.

Jenny: Spotlight: Bobbin Saver

So yes, today my spotlight is on a gadget. It's not usually my thing, I like to use mason jars, recycled containers and old wooden boxes to store tools and notions. But bobbins... they have a mind of their own. I went from swearing every time I had to untangle a bobbin from all its other bobbin friends in the little baggie where I kept them all stored, to reaching for the one I need easy-peasy without a mess of tangles and knots. This Bobbin Saver is compact and cheap, yet serves its purpose efficiently and without fuss. One word: awesome! (How's that for advertising? I promise I wasn't paid to write this!)


  1. Jenny that is so cool! My bobbins are in a heap in the bottom of my sewing box.

  2. Now that is the kind of spirit I like concerning my gadgets buying addiction! And it really is awesome...


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