Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How About a Little Apron Talk?


I have been glued to the computer for the last 4 days, compulsively checking on news coverage of the floods in Tennessee and Facebook updates from friends and family. Having called Nashville home for 3 years and made so many wonderful friends there, I feel so connected to it all and heartbroken. At the same time, being far away from the disaster, I feel so removed and helpless. Donating to the Red Cross and spreading the word however I can helps a little, but not much.

How are you doing, my friend? I know your family and your home are fine for the most part, but I know it must be so difficult to see your hometown so devastated.

Today, I've decided to jump back into the swing of things a bit. Not because I am done caring about what's happening on your side of the country, but because I am going stir crazy worrying about it! Time to put that nervous energy toward something productive. I've started a couple of new projects this past weekend, in 5-minute increments between OCD refresh of my various news pages... Here's a little glimpse.


More on all this in a couple of weeks...

Your recent post on our Facebook page reminded me of that gardening apron I made for you last Christmas and I realized I never told you anything about it. Time to do so!

The idea for it stemmed from a post from Bluebirdbaby I had saved, almost a year ago, with you in mind! I know how much you love that blog and how much you love to garden -- it seemed like the perfect gift idea!


Making the apron was pretty straightforward in essence. It's a bunch of straight lines, really. I wanted it to be durable and usable outside, in the dirt, so I chose some heavier fabrics: upholstery weight for the pocket, and some canvas to back the linen. I made some bias tape out of that brown gingham to add a bit of fun to the edge of the pocket.


All in all an easy project except for 2 things: 1) that was some thick fabric to get through my sewing machine! And 2) I don't think I figured out the pattern as best I could: I ended up top-stitching the pocket onto the apron because I couldn't think of doing it any other way, but there had to have been an easier way. Hmmm.


The end result is pretty heavy-duty and I hope it is comfortable to wear in the garden. At least, it should definitely be strong enough to hold a trowel or clippers, and maybe some seed packets and gloves while you garden.


Speaking of aprons, I am itching to make myself one for the kitchen. Ben has 3 aprons that he gleefully rotates as we bake cookies, bread or pizza, and I always end up covered in flour and stains. I know you're a big apron fan, do you have some favorite patterns?

Angel-mini-buttonJen, things are fine at my house.  Like you, I have spent the last several days glued to the TV and computer watching things unfold.  Having lived in Nashville for most of my life, seeing the landmarks that are so important to my city under water has been hard.  The devastation in West Nashville and the downtown area are hard to even comprehend.  But like our nickname, the "Volunteer State", people in TN are exhibiting extraordinary kindness and compassion to those in need during this crisis.  

I'm so glad you moved on to a new project.  I can't wait to see what all those pieces of fabric are for!  The gardening apron has already gotten a lot of use, and is actually quite dirty at the moment.  It is so nice to have something that is both beautiful and functional.

Here is a link to my favorite every day kitchen apron, I wrote about it on my other blog.  The only thing I'd add to it would be pockets of some sort.  My sister made this for me several years ago, but I'll check with her to see what the pattern is!

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  1. Did you see the Mother/Daughter aprons at Uncommon Goods? They are so adorable!


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