Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Top: Help Me Decide...


So... Here we go... less than 3 weeks till deadline for the Spring Top competition over at Made By Rae. I'm so excited we're doing this together, since I need the motivation and I need some tops!

But, I am a bit stuck at this point. I am trying to keep to my resolution of using stash fabric. The problem is I only have a few fabrics that have enough yardage to make a top. So, I've had to seriously narrow down my vision based on these limited choices. My other problem is that I don't know which top to pick. I have a few favorite pieces in my wardrobe that I'd like to knock off, I also like Heather Ross' Summer Blouse a lot (is that the one you're doing too?).

Can you help me decide? I have drawn little sketches of each top, based on the fabrics I picked and the design of the top. You'll have to excuse the colors and the details, I couldn't quite match the exact hues of the prints, but with the photos of the fabric, you'll hopefully get an idea.

Top 1

Knock off this top (from Target 3 years ago). I wear it so much, I'd love to have more of the same.


With this combination of fabrics:


Here's a very rough sketch:


Top 2

Copy this tunic that I wear all the time, year-long.


With this blue and white cotton print that I love (I found it at Joann's months ago, on sale for $3/yard!).


Here's the sketch:


Top 3

Duplicate this dress, but make it shorter and a bit bigger. I really like it but it's slightly too small and tight around the rib cage.


With this combo of fabrics:


Here's the sketch:


And finally,

Top 4

Make the Summer Blouse from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing.


With this lightweight, embroidered stripey black and white fabric:


Here's the sketch:


So, what do you think? Does one jump out at you with more potential than the others? Do they all suck? Maybe our readers can jump in with their opinions and advice in the comments too! Are any of y'all doing the Spring Top competition?

Angel-mini-button Oh Jenny, you underestimate yourself!  I love all of them and your creativity in drawing the sketches is inspirational.  Hands down my favorite one (both design and fabric) is Top 1.  I love that top too, so if you come up with a pattern for it I will definitely make one of my own!  You know I'm thinking of doing the Summer Top from Weekend Sewing as well, there are quite a few similarities between top 2 and that one don't you think?  What do you like about each one, maybe you could combine the two for a new design? 

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