Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Craft Room Organization: Progress


Here's a much overdue update on my craft room/dining room reorganization! It's been almost a month since I wrote about my struggles with keeping the craft chaos under control. Since then, I have made much progress, yay! Here's a little rundown of the improvements.

First, I took everything out of the various cupboards and cabinets. Inspired by your first craft space post, I made big piles and sorted all my crap. I recycled some, gave some away and saved the rest (including the cuckoo cat).


I had a bunch of plastic boxes but purchased 4 more in order to be able to adequately store all my craft stuff. Part of my problem in the past has been lack of proper storage resulting in messy piles of homeless supplies strewn throughout the dining room.

I categorized Ben's arts and crafts supplies as well as mine in different boxes, labeled everything (with masking tape and sharpie for now!) and strategically placed everything back in cupboards and on shelves. I used those empty coffee cans to vertically store notions like velcro, elastic, etc.


I made the executive decision to use the floor under that wooden piece for extra storage. It's not optimal, but it'll have to do for my sanity's sake! Instead of making a short curtain that reaches that low shelf, I'll make a long curtain that goes to the floor. My Mom and I found some nice fabrics with which we'll figure out a combo curtain to hide the craft supplies: some natural cotton and a gorgeous curtain panel from World Market.


I'm most excited about the reorganization of my fabric stash. I followed your advice and weeded out all the fabrics I don't need or use on a regular basis, and all the "extra" material I had. Over half of my flannel and cotton sheeting went into a box and onto the top shelf of my bedroom closet (as did 75% of my yarn stash, some random foam and the extra rolls of paper from Ben's easel!). This left quite a bit of room to fit the stuff I do use on a regular basis: batting, burlap, linens and patterns. This space is so much more functional and inspiring now! I still want to better organize my prints by color, maybe by folding them smaller somehow.


Finally, I'll share a fun little project I did to spruce up our shelves. I had that wooden stationary box from Ikea. I found some paper in my scrapbook stash and cut some to size for the front. A couple of layers of Mod Podge and voila! A brand new box for my note and thank you cards!


So, next on the priority list is making curtains for the wooden buffet storing all the plastic boxes. I also would like to plant a small indoor garden in pots -- our dining room gets so much sun, it is perfect for plants! I have visions of a new inspiration board under the built-in hutch, plans for a lovely sewing machine cover, and some ideas for using that corner behind the "bar" (now free of messes!) for some extra storage. I shall report in a few weeks!

Angel-mini-button Jenny great job! I tried to order one of those IKEA boxes but that series is discontinued! I love that you covered the fronts with paper. Do I remember that you painted some pots with chalkboard paint before? I think that would be so cute, and a little different than the typical terra cotta...


  1. Jenny I can't believe how much you got done! Seriously, I am in awe. Can you come do my craft room next?

    How about a lettuce bowl for your sunny window?

  2. Blair, you're so sweet. I still have a bunch to get done, but I do think the worst of the organization is over. I would LOVE to help you organize your craft space. Let's plan on that for when we come to Portland. We can send the hubbies and kiddos off to do something and we'll just tear up your craft space! Yeehaw!

    Angel, it's not me you're thinking of with the chalkboard paint on the pots, though I just recently saw that on a blog or other and thought it was a cool idea!


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