Friday, April 16, 2010

Link Love:

This is going to sound crazy, but I only pinned ONE (adult oriented) crafty link this week.  I am getting some of my blog feeds through Facebook now, and since there's no way to "pin" anything on there I think I'm losing track of things!

Do you keep blogs that you follow on Facebook in your feed reader?

So, here's the link (and I'll be sure to keep track of all the amazing links I see elsewhere for next time!):

How to make plantable paper from the long thread

(I love this idea and have a huge jar of marigold seeds that would work PERFECTLY) for this project.)

Jenny-mini-button What a cool project! I've seen greeting cards made with the same concept before: you give it and the giftee can plant it. Make sure and post pics when you do this, I wanna see!

As for Facebook, I don't rely on it to save blog posts, etc. I have EVERYTHING on my blog reader (it's a little crazy, really). I use the feed from being a FB fan to be alerted to the latest fun projects and posts on my favorite blogs. It sometimes reminds me to go visit my blog reader and purge all those unread posts...

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