Thursday, April 8, 2010

Link Love


I have been drawn to the artists and illustrators on my blog reader lately, so a few of the following links reflect this latest peak in interest.

- Alisa Burke's projects inspire me in such a happy way. She posts a ton of lovely tutorials, lately I've pinned the Painted Parasol, Butterfly Wreath and Colorful Canvas Eggs.

- Geninne's Art Blog is a constant source of inspiration, marvel and awe for me. Check out the wonderful stamps she carved recently. I want to try that craft soon.

- Browsing in my neighborhood fabric store's ribbon room recently, I discovered some products by Renaissance Ribbons. I immediately went searching for their website, and oh my. Love this, this and that!

- April is Quilting Month over at Sew Mama Sew. They're featuring some pretty great sewing and quilting basics tips, like how to prepare and cut your fabric.

- Look at this fab fabric shop I just found on Etsy, appropriately enough called the Fabric Shoppe!

And I thought of you this morning when I received a notification from my local library that Martha's Craft Encyclopedia is waiting for me to pick up!! I'm excited to peruse through it, though I'm more impatient to see the Sewing & Fabric version soon hopefully.

Angel-mini-button I can't wait to check out these links! I haven't given the library a go for the Martha book, I will see if there's a long wait. Several of those Sew Mama Sew quilts have caught my eye! I am itching to start one. One of my favorite bloggers actually wrote about this a few days ago at All Buttoned Up.

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