Monday, April 19, 2010

A dispatch from Crazy Town:


Good morning Jenny!  Hope you had a great weekend with the family.  I heard you had beautiful weather!  It's cool here, getting down to the 40s at night and in the 50s until mid morning or later.  Last week it was in the mid to upper 80s, and super dry.  No rain for several weeks.

Which brings me to the subject of this post:  the Spring Top.  I did some looking around at the Weekend Sewing pool on Flickr, and I don't think the Summer Blouse is in the cards for me!  You know how hot it gets here in the summer, I can't bear having anything on that has sleeves.  Natural deodorant + Long Sleeves + Hot, Humid Weather would = pit stains from hell on the much revered Anna Maria Horner voile.  Not a good look for anyone, and I would probably cry over it to boot.

So, on to plan b.  It appears that my idea to make the Trapeze Dress into a top is a popular one, as there are quite a few examples in the pool.  Here is one example, (I can't get the member's blog to load for me unfortunately or I would link to it) and here is another example.


This top seems doable to me.  My plan is to head to JoAnn today to pick up some supplies, such as the tracing paper and tracing wheel Heather suggests using in Weekend Sewing.  A trip to Michael's yesterday left me empty handed.  (As an aside, that place seems to be turning into a weird conglomeration of silk flowers, scrapbooking supplies and kid's craft items, with barely any good quality art or craft supplies.  I was disappointed.)  Although, as I type this I wonder if a trip to Textile Fabrics might be a better idea.

There doesn't appear to be much in the way of errata for the Trapeze Dress (top) so hopefully it will be smooth sailing.  My plan is to make two tops out of different fabric, the first with a less expensive piece so that I can do a trial run.

I know you had a busy weekend, and probably didn't get much done in the way of sewing?  Does your beautiful and talented mother have any suggestions after seeing your sketches?

I have a heap of projects to complete, finally purchased curtain rods and ironed the fabric for the curtains.  But like most every project these days, I have five minutes at a time to complete one tiny step, and then it might be another day or two before I can get back to it.  I keep reminding myself that there will be a day that this isn't the case, but here's the catch:  that means my sweet baby will be big!  So for now I'll take things as they are.

Hope you are doing well!

Jenny-mini-button Good morning to you! What a sunny post with which to start the day! I don't blame you for wanting something lightweight and short-sleeved for the scorching Tennessee summer, I think the Trapeze Top (let's just rename it, he he) will be a lovely project that you're sure to wear all summer long! Can't wait to see the fabrics you pick.

I love Textile Fabrics so much, it's a great place to get fabrics, especially when they have one of their fabulous sales -- and you know how I love supporting local businesses. However, for notions and tools, I would go to one of the bigger Joann's (like the one in Mt Juliet). If you sign up for their email newsletter, you get coupons all the time, I believe you'll even get one right after you register -- totally worth it for purchasing good quality tools! Ooooh, also check their "red tag" section, it's a lot of crap but with some jewels thrown in, well worth the browse usually, especially if you want to make a trial run shirt.

Boy, this is a long response. Let's see, on my end, NO sewing or crafting in a couple of weeks now. We've been so busy running around town and enjoying the bee-oo-tiful sunshine. AAH! I am in serious withdrawal and my to-do list is dangerously crowded. I did get around to sketching and planning options for my Spring Top as you know. I think I am likely to go with Top 1, as you suggested. I plan on drawing my pattern and cutting my fabric this week. I'll update you on progress as I go...

And yes, enjoy that sweet baby while you can. Ben yelled "Dat not FAIR!" to me this weekend, and suddenly, I realized he was almost a teenager! I'm joking, but yes, they grow up SO fast. Give your sweet boys some smooches for me.

Curious to hear from our readers, if they are entering the Spring Top competition... What are you guys making?

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