Thursday, March 4, 2010

Show and Tell: Smart Monkey Yarn


I am shining my spotlight today on a small, local, woman-owned business. I've mentioned to you my discovery of the Fremont Sunday Market and how fun it has been to browse the various booths, despite the lack of produce at the moment! A couple of weeks ago, I found a great little stall for a business called Smart Monkey Yarn. I looked around, drooled over the offering and picked up the flyer (I would have been strangled by my husband if I bought anything, considering the stash filling up our closet...).

Smart Monkey Yarn sells refurbished yarn. Leah Andersson is the owner. Fueled by her enthusiasm for recycling and sustainability, she thrifts for sweaters, unravels them, washes the yarn, then winds it into skeins that she sells in her booth and on her Etsy shop. I find this business concept to be such a genius idea!

Smart Monkey Yarn sells bags of yarn all from one sweater, or single skeins so you can mix and match.


Leah will also unravel sweaters and wind their yarn into skeins on demand.


She knits and sells wares like grocery bags, too.


Angel, I know you do a lot of felting, but have you unraveled a sweater before? I recently discovered that you can do that with any old sweater that has the proper seams. It has made for a whole different thrift-shopping experience. Re-purposing sweater yarn is great for the environment and a lovely alternative to purchasing new, organic yarns.

If some Seattle locals are reading this: you can find Leah and Smart Monkey Yarn at the Fremont Market every Sunday, rain or shine. Her Etsy shop is on vacation mode during the weekends, so she can reassess her stock after the market, so make sure and check it during the week. It's well worth a visit, both for the eco-friendly yarn and for Leah's sassy product descriptions!


  1. I have just removed several sweaters from my closet. Would either of you be interested in using them for some crafty thing?? -emily

  2. Emily, if they're wool, Angel might be all over them. I'll let her get back to you on that. I don't think it's worth the carbon footprint of mailing them to Seattle for crafty projects. ;) Thanks so much!!


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