Monday, March 22, 2010

Link Love:


Hey y'all, I've been on vacation and am now mired down in the finishing stages of our home renovation project.  The good news:  primer is going on the walls.  The bad news:  all my crafty energy has to go towards maintaining some semblance of normalcy while the house is turned upside down!  So here are a few links I'm inspired by to tide us all over:

Petite Purls (online magazine):  not sure how I missed this before, but it looks like a great magazine!

The March pattern from LovelyDesign

Martha Stewarts Encyclopedia of of Sewing and Fabric Crafts (I'll admit it, I am frequently inspired by the projects Martha and her team put together)

Felted Easter egg tutorial at Mamaroots

What's inspiring you?

Jenny-mini-button Welcome back! Funny, I pinned and bookmarked all the same things this past week, aside from the felted egg. Speaking of which, have you seen this Wool Felted Egg tutorial on Frontier Dreams? Can't wait to see the next update on the renovation!!

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