Friday, February 26, 2010

Link Love for Friday


For my birthday, my husband is giving me the best gift of all: some alone, uninterrupted time to do whatever I well please. Alone, by myself, without a child tagging along. Did I mention alone? You know what a treasured commodity that is, in our busy stay-at-home mama lives! With this gift of free alone time, I have decided to go thrift store browsing. So excited!!

When I can't swing enough time (or uninterrupted focus) to productively go thrift shopping, I make up for it by surfing my favorite blogs and Etsy shops in stolen 5-minute increments. Does that sound familiar?! Here are my links for the week.

- Love this lotus blooms pendant by Madison Reece Designs

- And these jade green porcelain earrings by Dutch ceramic artist Suuskeramiek, swoon! Angel, I could totally see these on you.

- I really dig this quilt (and tutorial!) by the amazing Elizabeth at Oh Fransson! I think it's the warm combination of colors in the pattern.

- Speaking of quilts, Georgia's Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts is a lovely mix of traditional and modern, and really inspiring me to maybe make a quilt for my baby niece (who's already 4 months old, gasp!!)

- I am in awe of Astrid's skills and taste over at Connecting The Dots. Look at this super cute oil cloth apron!

- And, I'm sneaking one more in just 'cause I loooove her: check out Anna Maria Horner's receiving blankets. Oh, I may need to go splurge on some of her flannel...


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