Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bedroom Pillows


I made pillows! Super easy pillows!


When we moved from Nashville to Seattle a few months ago, we downsized from a country house to a city apartment which we are renting. This means we cannot paint the walls or make major decor changes.

You probably remember our old bedroom, it looked like this, after my mother worked her magic on it one summer:


Since we moved, our mostly white linens and furnishings have off-white walls to complement them, and it's been boring me to death. I decided it was time to pep things up a bit and went straight to the brown in my fabric stash. I think I miss our old walls! The first project on my list was to make decorative pillows, which is going to annoy my husband to no end, but that's part of the fun!

There are tons of pillow cover tutorials online, but it's not rocket science to make a pocket-back pillow cover. Here's my little tutorial.

Measure your pillow form. The 2 I had stowed away in the closet were 16 x 16 inch. Cut a square of fabric that is 1 inch wider (1/2 inch seam allowance on each side), so 17 x 17 inch. And for the back, cut 2 pieces that will overlap by about 3 inches and with some extra to hem, so 2 pieces measuring 17 x 11 or so.


Hem the 2 smaller pieces on the long side. They should now each measure 17 inches by about 10.5 inches. Press those hems so they look nice and clean.


Lay your 17 x 17 inch square piece right face up. Lay the 2 smaller pieces wrong side down onto it, overlapping each other in the middle, so that all the edges match up and you have a neat square. Pin all around it, then sew with a 1/2 inch allowance all around it.


Clip the corners. Then turn inside out and poke the corners out with a chopstick.


Ta-da you're done!


This was a really smooth project for me, done in about an hour or less. Potential landmines, which I narrowly avoided: make sure that your fabric, if it has a print, is straight when cutting and sewing. Also, if your fabric does have a print, make sure you check its direction before choosing which side to hem on the back pieces. You want to have the final result be as seamless as possible on the back, despite the pocket splitting it.


I like how the brown contrasts with the crisp white pillows and with the sage duvet cover (from West Elm, me lovey!). Yeah, I know it's not ironed.


I have some other brown-influenced ideas to continue contrasting our bedroom, stay tuned. I also made more pillow experiments last weekend and will post those soon.

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