Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crafty Resolutions

Happy 2010! I am bursting with resolutions for the new year. I love the fresh start that comes with a new January -- and a new decade to boot! Here is the list of my crafty goals for the coming 12 months.

1. Finish all existing works in progress and finish what I start. That includes sewing projects, knitting projects, art projects -- apply liberally.
2. Make all household linens. By this I mean, everything but clothing, towels or sheets. On the list are curtains, play mats, toy storage, table runner, pillow covers, napkins, and more!
3. Aim to post at least once a week here about a new or ongoing project.
4. Make more gifts than last year.
5. Not wait until the last minute to make Christmas gifts or Christmas decorations. Like, start in July.
6. Learn how to needle-felt, how to knit cables, and how to applique.
7. Start (and ideally finish) first quilt. Woohoo! So excited about this one!
8. Come up with as many uses as possible for all those awesome fabric scraps.
9. Use stash fabric and supplies before I buy more.
10. Be creative, stay positive, and make it happen!

What are your crafty resolutions, my friend?

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