Friday, January 8, 2010

Crafty Resolutions for 2010

Let's see if I can keep this simple, since I tend to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to resolutions and lists in general.

1. Use what I have! I need to start using the craft supplies I've got hoarded in my craft area rather than buying more stuff. So from now on I have to make something with supplies on hand before buying anything new to see if it satiates my need to make a purchase.
2. When I do buy new supplies, try to buy organic, natural and/or recycled or upcycled things. I'm stocking up on wool sweaters to felt every time the local Goodwill has its 50% off day each month, for instance.
3. Finish what I start. I am notoriously bad for starting a project and then leaving it to languish, half finished, for months. Ideally I'd like to finish one project before starting another one.
4. Try to create and execute original designs from time to time rather than always following someone else's pattern or idea. I seem to have a fear of wasting materials or time when it comes to making something up on my own, this year I hope to conquer that fear!
5. Organize and regularly clean my craft area. This is a constant struggle for me, but I almost have it organized the way I want it! But when it's constantly in disarray and is always dirty it means the few spare minutes I might have to make something during the day are spent trying to find what I need, or even trying to find a place to sit down!

Five seems doable, right? I think I'll print these out as a reminder to myself, and tack them on the wall next to my sewing machine.......

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  1. I love your resolutions, Angel! I want to steal them and add them all to my list, but I think I have enough to deal with, he he .


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