Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's get this show on the road!


All right, friend! Here is our little blog.  Are you ready to start showing me and the virtual world what you've been working on while the kids are napping?

I am very excited to be doing this little exchange with you and can't wait to see what types of projects you come up with as we move forward.  I know I already have a backlog of stuff to blog about and can't wait to get started.  Check this out, I also got organized:

For those of you of have stumbled on here somehow and are wondering what this is all about...

We are 2 friends and crafty mamas who met each other in Nashville, Tennessee. We are both pretty consistently productive and creative with various projects, and used to share and help each other with them. Until my family and I moved to Seattle, Washington a couple of months ago! This blog is now our place to share what we're working on and what we're learning in the process, in hopes of motivating and inspiring each other -- and perhaps others as well.

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